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Indoor Commercial Cultivation Solution

PharmPods are the fastest and most efficient way to launch or expand your operation. We provide a Plug & Grow solution that streamlines the start-up process and begins generating revenue in as little time as possible.

No Single Solution Delivers Like PharmPods

Speed to Market

Speed to Market

Skip the months of hassle and delays that come with a conventional build-out. Install Pharmpods and focus on cultivation, not construction!



With PharmPods it's simple to add new grow rooms as you grow your business.



Rest easy knowing your valuable crop is safely housed in a locked steel container. If you ever have to move, your PharmPods can move with you.



Limit your up front capital outlay and pay for your units over time. Up to 50% financing available to all licensed operators. Contact us for details.

ETL Listed

ETL Listed

PharmPods are ETL certified and come with a full set of architectural plans in order to expedite your project’s approval.

Climate Control

Climate Control

PharmPods give you the components & controls you need to precisely manage the environment around your plants.

Standard Models

40’ long, 8’ wide, 8.5’ tall
Starting at $39,900
Included Components
Powder coated base cabinets with drawers and stainless steel counter top
8 bulb T5 floursecent lighting for Mothers
Floor to ceiling shelving with undermounted lighting for Clones
Air conditioning, dehumidier and circulation fans
All electric installed, PLC & sensor ready
Light tight interior finished with 94% reflective white paint
Emergency exhaust fan
40’ long, 8’ wide, 8.5’ tall
Starting at $44,900
Included Components
16 x 1000 watt digital, dimmable ballasts & bulbs
16 x 8" vented hoods with in-line fans and ducting
4 tons (48000BTU) air conditioning with 2 air handlers mounted inside
4 x 16" circulation fans. 50 pint dehumidifier
Overhead green flourescent "night" lighting
All electric installed - PLC & sensor ready
Light tight interior finished with 94% reflective white paint
Dry & Cure
Dry & Cure
40’ long, 8’ wide, 8.5’ tall
Starting at $25,400
Included Components
14 x 8 tier hanging mesh dry racks
2 chambers inside for separate Dry Room and Cure Room
Light tight interior finished with 94% reflective white paint
Shelving on both walls of Cure Room
Air Conditioning includes 1 air handler mounted in each room.
Circulation fans and 8" emergency exhaust fan
All models also available in 20’ length. Call for pricing on custom sizes.

PharmPods Install

10 x 40' PharmPods
vs.(160 light comparision)

Conventional Build

10 x 16 light rooms
Install Plants In $
Week 1: Install
Week 3: Plants In
Week 14: $ Harvest
Week 24: $ Harvest
2 4 6 8 10 12 14 16 18 20 22 24 26 28
Architect Design & Approval Contractors Framing - Wiring - HVAC - Drywall Plants In Inspections & Inevitable Delays
Week 1: Architect
Week 5: Design & Approval
Week 9: Contractors
Weeks 9 to 24: Framing - HVAC - Drywall
Week 12 to 27: Inspections & Inevitable Delays
Week 27: Plants In

Harvests in 28 Weeks


Percentage of Time Growing after 1 Month

Chance that a conventional builder wishes they used PharmPods :

Turning Square Feet into Cubic Feet

The scalability of PharmPods is unparalleled. It’s easy to add grow rooms as you grow your business. If you have ceiling heights greater than 18 feet, you can stack your PharmPods and take advantage of available vertical space that is otherwise unused and costly to cool & heat. Two tiers of PharmPods instantly doubles your square footage under cultivation, without increasing your footprint.

Think cubic feet, not square feet – it’s another compelling PharmPods advantage.

Consulting & Facility Design

Get Up & Grow

With your floorplan and building specs in hand, we’ll create the optimal layout of PharmPods for your facility. The entire cultivation cycle, from clones to curing, is laid out for efficient process flow and maximum yields. Let us provide you the ultimate indoor vertical farming solution – we’ll build it & deliver it to your door.

our experts work with you to develop a cultivation plan and timeline goals
unique solutions for your needs
Planning & Design
using your floorplan & building specs, we layout the optimal configuration of PharmPods for your facility
from concept to reality
Build and Install
we build your pods with customized components and controls for YOUR grow, then layout an installation plan for prepping your building and scheduling delivery
pods begin shipping 3 weeks after your deposit
Clones to Curing
from nursery pods to dry and cure rooms, we design and build your entire facility to maximize process flow and efficiency

Guaranteed Financing Available to all Licensed Operators

it's too good to miss out

PharmPod Facilities in the US and Canada

Current PharmPods Location
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  • The PharmPods cultivation system has been a real game changer for us. Our process and our yields have become more consistent, and our overall security is much improved. PharmPods are easy to bring online, easy to control and remain a key part of our expansion plans going forward.

    – Don Novak

    Owner, Groundswell Cannabis Boutique

    Denver, CO